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Demand Forecasting
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Sell smarter, better, faster using AI Algoshelf's artificial intelligence engine automatically detects demand patterns, similarities that exist between various SKU-Store combinations and generates forecasts at a granular level hitherto unseen combinations. Our replenishment engine plans directly for shelf-placement against demand-probability envelopes, without increasing the inventory costs. Our solution is cloud-based, highly scalable and designed to automate all the critical workflows from data integration to the delivery of predictions. Our algorithms process millions of data points and combinations to generate granular insights and forecasts that enable brands and retailer better serve the end-customer demand.
Enterprise AI in focus Consumer brands and retailers have to make millions of decisions daily to get the right products on the shelf and in the hands of the customer. But in a complex, dynamic market it has become challenging to meet customer expectations consistently. AI can now be used to streamline demand and supply with greater agility and efficiency. Companies cannot afford to remain low-tech and need to embrace this transformative technology AI can be used to process a billion data points to generate granular insights and automate decisions that enable companies to better serve the end-customer demand. With an AI-powered value chain, consumer brands and retailers can respond quickly to changing customer preferences - enabling them to increase revenues and boost margins
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