Our Mission

To create $150 million in value for our customers by 2025

Our goal is to usher in the new age of adaptive planning for FMCG.

Yes, planning can be a fully automated activity supported by artificial intelligence, and managed by human planners.

Yes, you will not miss a thing! You will be in full control without keeping your fingers on every button.


Algoshelf’s founding team is passionate about delivering enterprise planning applications that users truly love, that use artificial intelligence and cloud technologies to make companies more agile and make life easier for planners.

We have worked on large supply chain and internet technology problems in the past, and with a variety of leading enterprise tools. We realize why these spreadsheets in disguise don’t and won’t work. That’s why we are developing Algoshelf!

Ananth Krishnamoorthy Ph.D.
CEO, Customer Success
Anand Chitipothu
Raghavendra Badaskar
Join US ON our journey

We are keen to work with smart, and enthusiastic people who are passionate about product development, software engineering and machine learning. We are in the early stages of building our SaaS offering, so it's great time to get in and shape the product. Please visit our Careers Page for more details.

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