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High-frequency Data

High-frequency Data

GRANULAR DATA SIGNALS are the foundation of data-driven AI planning. In additional to sales data trends, daily, weekly, and monthly seasonality, our AI engine supports unlimited causal factors such as app-promotions, store promotions, media-ads, store closures, stock-out, temperature, precipitation, web activity, etc. at SKU-Location level or any higher level.

Probablistic Optimization

Probabilistic Optimization

PROBABILISTIC FORECASTING & OPTIMIZATION allows us to capture the uncertainty in demand at granular SKU-Location-day level, and sift through millions of possible revenue-inventory trade-off combinations to arrive at an optimal solution.  We use segmentation to drive business results at a segment level and avoid broad brush-planning.

Cognitive Analytics

cognitive analytics

cognitive analytics algorithms automatically extract knowledge from raw data, and clean and store it in a knowledge graph. Cognitive analytics uses this knowledge to serve deep insights on-demand without requiring any special analytical skills. AI algorithms also continuously monitor metrics in real-time and alert planners when abnormal events are detected.

High Performance Cloud Computing

High Performance Cloud Computing

Algoshelf is ZERO-FOOTPRINT SaaS. Our REST APIs allow for high frequency, high-speed data ingestion. Our platform allows massive parallelization of all algorithms and will enable plans for hundreds of thousands of Store-SKU combinations to complete in just a few minutes. Using the serverless paradigm, we reduce costs significantly by using compute only when needed.

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