Retail & E-commerce Sell smarter, better and faster.
Retail & E-commerce
Enabling retailers to increase revenues and margins by accurately predicting the demand and automating replenishment decisions.
Sell right, grow fast using data and automation Retail & E-commerce is a highly competitive space, and margins are wafer thin. This makes the business vulnerable to threats such as competition, competitive wholesale channel, and changing customer expectations. To grow sustainably, organizations must reduce the cost to serve and also sell right. Aligning the store shelf with customer's shipping mission daily is extremely challenging and complex - optimizing for diverse product assortment, differing terms of trade, changing customer preferences, shortening shelf life at scale is complicated. Organizations have to leverage technology to use full power data to automate the planning and replenishment decisions.
Algoshelf Salient Features Our solution is cloud-based, highly scalable and designed to automate all the critical workflows from data integration to the delivery of prediction. Our algorithms process millions of data points and combinations to generate granular insights and forecasts that help brands and retailer better serve the end-customer demand. Our solution can get up and running in days with simple, thoughtful data integrations.
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